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Given the economic and financial troubles we have been through, companies and governments are facing the most severe trust crisis since World War II. It is then essential to regain the legitimacy that all large groups and organisations lack today.

Leadership communication is a fundamental strategy, as it will position leaders of a company or organisation as visionary experts of their sectors. This positioning is the only one that can restore the legitimacy of organisation – and therefore their trustworthiness.

This strategy is all the strongest when third parties come to relay the messages of the organisation. It is the strength of a fully integrated communication that will then produce the best results.

Leadership communication is all the best should then be integrated with internal and external communications, and the players of the public affairs and lobbying initiatives.

Partnerships with other organisation that are leaders in their fields and if possible, that are political, will then become key complementary strategies, that will further reinforce the belief and legitimacy of the organisation and its leader, as the dedicated chapter of this blog will demonstrate.




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