Integrity & Ethics

Integrity and ethics are integral parts of all forms of communication, both internal and external, as well as all “public affairs and lobbying” activities.

The latter could not be undertaken without respecting these fundamental and ethical principles. As such, the work of the communicator and the lobbyist must be exemplary.

I was pleased to see my work referenced by the “central office for Prevention of Corruption”, a department of the French Ministry for Justice.

My work has also been adopted by many governments in South America and Europe in their action plans and reports in their fight against unethical and corrupted practices, as the documents attached report:

Case study on agribusiness lobbying in Argentina – English document:

Action plans from The Central Office for Prevention of Corruption -French documents:


Action plan: Fight against Corruption in Latin America – Spanish document:

National action plan: Fight against Corruption in Peru – Spanish document:

This post is also available in: French

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