How do you put forward the various activities in which your company is involved?

Within the range of tools offered by social media and/or Web 2.0/3.0, creating a news program is an enormous challenge. One needs to set up a network of local journalists in different countries, and manage production and editorial projects with teams spread across the globe. In that instance, positive results are almost always guaranteed with both internal and external audiences.

I have developed, on behalf of GE Energy, the ‘GE Energy News Bulletin’, a video interface which allows GE Energy to present its activities, as well as the ones of its customers/partners, in an interactive way. These Social Media driven news broadcasts target both the Internal and External Audiences.

The bulletin is a unique and innovative way for companies to highlight the projects in which they are involved and the challenges they face. It is also a way to promote customers and/or partners and get their message across various organizations.

In the video below, I discuss the Istanbul EPC summit, GE Energy’s new integrated gasification combined cycle power plant, and a major deal that GE Energy has signed with the government of Iraq.

In the second of GE Energy’s ‘Partnering News’ bulletin, I present a behind the scenes outlook at one of the power industry’s biggest events, POWER-GEN Europe. I also give an insight into the European Regions Energy Day taking place every 4th week of April and that I created. The video also discusses the latest energy trends and issues with leading GE Energy executives. On a different note, viewers are also given the opportunity to get a closer look at a power plant using Jenbacher advanced gas engine technology, as well as a visit to GE Energy’s new sales and services center in Moscow.

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