External Communication


Below I have outlined two types of external communication strategies and described how on can implemented communication processes with both Customers and Stakeholders.


Customers Communication

Communication with your customers is vital as every communication reinforces the benefits of your company products and/or services or service in each of your communications with them.

Depending on the stage of the customer relationship, be they potential, current customers or past customers, each requires careful consideration and regular involvement.

A key objective for communication is to have those customers become advocates of your brand. Communicators need to develop the tools that will enable such customers to do so to position themselves as such.


Stakeholders Communication

Stakeholders include a wide range of groups and individuals, some of which may or may not have a direct interest in your company.

Be they investors or policy makers, they have an interest in, and an influence on your activities and are therefore of interest for you to keep informed.

They are among those actors who will or won’t recognise your organisation as a thought leader.


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