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Brexit: And now what ? Cameron succession and the future of CAP


A new scenery of the post brexit vote’s political drama is opening in the UK and in the continent.

A campaign against the “democratic deficit” in Brussels has led to the removal of a prime minister democratically elected only 13 months ago, and thus years in advance of his statutorily prescribed term.

Members of the EU are making clear to the UK that it needs to invoke article 50 of the treaty without further delays, putting additional pressure on a UK political apparel that finds itself in a totally unknown territory and with a lack of post Brexit vote’s leadership.

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Brexit: From a Regional to a Global Impact

The impact of the June 23rd Brexit vote will go far beyond the response from the Global markets: Implications of the decision are not only economic.
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G8, G20 and IMF: How to deal with the current crisis?

G8 & IMF -

Consumer prices are rising worldwide, for practically all products and raw materials. This state of affairs is starting to weigh heavily on households and salaries, as well as on the social and political balance of certain countries, creating pressures that must be addressed immediately.

In the wake of the G8/G20 and IMF meetings, the question being asked now is whether these organisations will manage to restore the financial and monetary stability required to prevent a new financial crisis that the economies of the world do not seem to be able to cope with.

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Vincent Ducrey on hub management and the power of influence

hub managementVincent Ducrey is an expert in information management, specializing in the study of real time information spread. Vincent expertise stems from his ten year career in all areas of marketing and communications: entrepreneurship, strategy consultanting, manager communities, and finally new media adviser at the French Government.

We have asked him to answer and clarify a few points relating to Hub Management and its fascinating influential potential.

Could you explain the “Hub management” method that you developed and that you present in your book “Le Guide de l’influence “?
V.D: First of all, at the centre there is the “Hub”; it is the way of mapping today’s communication-media-internet landscape that I’ve developed. It allows each company to identify the factors that influence the perception of their brands and helps companies to structure their media environment. The “Hub management” itself is the operational method of controlling the messaging in this environment. A hub operation management can take different forms, depending on your objectives: the launch of a product, reacting to negative messages, messages centred around the organising of an event, etc.. It involves using all the subtleties of the Hub mapping, taking into account the influential potential of the selected tools of communication and the speed of circulation of the information, so that your message has the greatest impact in the media sphere.

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Energising Communications

Energising CommunicationsA one-size-fits-all philosophy rarely applies when it comes to raising the reputation and awareness of the countless goods, technologies and services that we use every day of our lives. You don’t have to be a master communicator to appreciate that adapting the way in which that offering is communicated to suit individual customers is critical to its success.

This is particularly true at GE Energy Europe, where our communication and public affairs department must support challenging goals in a highly complex and topical environment.

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Who is Frank Farnel ?

Frank Farnel is Director Communications and Public Affairs for GE Energy Europe EMEA. This business segment includes Energy Services, Oil and Gas as well as Power and Water.

In this role, Frank is responsible for Global Communications, Media Relations, Internal Communications, Government, Public Affairs, and Community Strategies.

Frank joined GE Energy after holding several key leadership positions in Communications, Lobbying and Public Affairs in large international companies.
Prior from joining GE Energy he was Director Communications and Public Affairs Bombardier Transportation.
He held Product and Line responsibilities acting as Manager International Operations Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean for Renault.

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GE’s European Center of Research and Development open its doors to European Regions

Key regional decision makers met to discuss the role of industrial innovations in both sustainable growth strategies and the fight against climate change

Garching/Munich (D), 8 April 2010

AER and GE Energy today commenced a two-day event, “Innovation in Energy and Research Policy” at their European Research and Development Center, “GE Global Research Europe” in Garching near Munich, Germany.

The event will attract regional decision makers from all over Europe as well as key members of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) including AER President Michèle Sabban and General Secretary, Klaus Klipp. The aim of the event is to discuss the role of industry expertise in aiding the European Union’s fight on climate change and to present the important role of enterprises such as GE Energy in the delivery of innovative energy solutions that are needed to do so.

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