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How do you put forward the various activities in which your company is involved?

Within the range of tools offered by social media and/or Web 2.0/3.0, creating a news program is an enormous challenge. One needs to set up a network of local journalists in different countries, and manage production and editorial projects with teams spread across the globe. In that instance, positive results are almost always guaranteed with both internal and external audiences.

I have developed, on behalf of GE Energy, the ‘GE Energy News Bulletin’, a video interface which allows GE Energy to present its activities, as well as the ones of its customers/partners, in an interactive way. These Social Media driven news broadcasts target both the Internal and External Audiences.

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Best Practice on how to build a corporate website!

How to create content for your web site at a company level:

GE Energy

GEweb -

GE Energy revealed last month its new website dedicated to Energy. Through this new website GE Energy aims to communicate to the outside world, its leadership position in this sector. Content creation at a company level is a crucial issue in the current communication trends but consistent and qualitative content can be hard to achieve. GE Energy gives us some advice and guidelines on how to reach this goal.
This study is a model for best practice and should be a point of reference for all corporate online communication.

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