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How do you put forward the various activities in which your company is involved?

Within the range of tools offered by social media and/or Web 2.0/3.0, creating a news program is an enormous challenge. One needs to set up a network of local journalists in different countries, and manage production and editorial projects with teams spread across the globe. In that instance, positive results are almost always guaranteed with both internal and external audiences.

I have developed, on behalf of GE Energy, the ‘GE Energy News Bulletin’, a video interface which allows GE Energy to present its activities, as well as the ones of its customers/partners, in an interactive way. These Social Media driven news broadcasts target both the Internal and External Audiences.

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Best Practice on how to build a corporate website!

How to create content for your web site at a company level:

GE Energy

GEweb -

GE Energy revealed last month its new website dedicated to Energy. Through this new website GE Energy aims to communicate to the outside world, its leadership position in this sector. Content creation at a company level is a crucial issue in the current communication trends but consistent and qualitative content can be hard to achieve. GE Energy gives us some advice and guidelines on how to reach this goal.
This study is a model for best practice and should be a point of reference for all corporate online communication.

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GE’s new ‘FlexEfficiency’ Combined Cycle Power Plant Technology

Today saw the announcement of a major new technological breakthrough in energy innovation by GE Energy. At a press conference this afternoon in Paris, a new power plant incorporating an unprecedented combination of flexibility and efficiency was unveiled. The first of its kind in the world, the ecomagination-certified FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant becomes the first product in GE’s new FlexEfficiency portfolio.

Until now, power plants have provided either flexibility or high efficiency, never both. This is why the FlexEfficiency plant technology is so revolutionary because both are needed if renewable power is to be cost-effectively integrated into power grids around the world on a large scale. This technology will enable the further deployment of renewables such as wind and solar and deal with the issue of intermittency.

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Vincent Ducrey on hub management and the power of influence

hub managementVincent Ducrey is an expert in information management, specializing in the study of real time information spread. Vincent expertise stems from his ten year career in all areas of marketing and communications: entrepreneurship, strategy consultanting, manager communities, and finally new media adviser at the French Government.

We have asked him to answer and clarify a few points relating to Hub Management and its fascinating influential potential.

Could you explain the “Hub management” method that you developed and that you present in your book “Le Guide de l’influence “?
V.D: First of all, at the centre there is the “Hub”; it is the way of mapping today’s communication-media-internet landscape that I’ve developed. It allows each company to identify the factors that influence the perception of their brands and helps companies to structure their media environment. The “Hub management” itself is the operational method of controlling the messaging in this environment. A hub operation management can take different forms, depending on your objectives: the launch of a product, reacting to negative messages, messages centred around the organising of an event, etc.. It involves using all the subtleties of the Hub mapping, taking into account the influential potential of the selected tools of communication and the speed of circulation of the information, so that your message has the greatest impact in the media sphere.

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Hub Management & the future of communication

hub-managementLast year, I contributed, among many other communication specialists including Jack Dorsey the co-founder of Twitter, to the well received book from Vincent Ducrey (French government New media advisor) titled “the Guide of Influence”:

The guide of Influence

The Guide of influence presents a method of managing the real-time information for decision makers and integrating traditional media with new media. This method is based on the concept of a « hub » conceived here as a channel of influence. Applied to the sphere of media and communication, the « hub » is a mapping of media relays that make up influence around a brand. This mapping enables you to view how the information is likely to spread in the media sphere, where is it taken, and how fast it goes.

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GE Energy & AER nominated for a 2011 Sabre Awards!

sabre awardsSince May 2009, GE Energy and the Assembly of European Regions (AER) have created an unprecedented cooperation between the public and the private sector in the fight against climate change.

The overall purpose of this initiative is to tackle climate change using an innovative holistic approach to address energy issues at the regional European level.

GE Energy and AER have brought together globally renowned energy experts and regional public decision makers. The partnership supports the European Union’s energy strategy and facilitates the creation of a benchmark centre of expertise to help provide energy solutions tailored to each European region need.

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Energising Communications

Energising CommunicationsA one-size-fits-all philosophy rarely applies when it comes to raising the reputation and awareness of the countless goods, technologies and services that we use every day of our lives. You don’t have to be a master communicator to appreciate that adapting the way in which that offering is communicated to suit individual customers is critical to its success.

This is particularly true at GE Energy Europe, where our communication and public affairs department must support challenging goals in a highly complex and topical environment.

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