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Vision 2030: Managing the Oil Crisis in the UAE Facing Growing Saudi Arabia’s Competition

The low oil prices have lead the leadership of Abu Dhabi to rethink its Economic strategies to develop new growth opportunity plans for the future of both the country and the city. Those low Oil prices have had a strong impact on the economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
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How do you put forward the various activities in which your company is involved?

Within the range of tools offered by social media and/or Web 2.0/3.0, creating a news program is an enormous challenge. One needs to set up a network of local journalists in different countries, and manage production and editorial projects with teams spread across the globe. In that instance, positive results are almost always guaranteed with both internal and external audiences.

I have developed, on behalf of GE Energy, the ‘GE Energy News Bulletin’, a video interface which allows GE Energy to present its activities, as well as the ones of its customers/partners, in an interactive way. These Social Media driven news broadcasts target both the Internal and External Audiences.

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The Parliamentary Elections In Turkey: Continuity Or Radicalisation?

The Parliamentary elections in Turkey on 12th June were historic and long-awaited by Turkish citizens, as well as by the international community and foreign investors.

Prime Minister Erdogan had in fact promised to revise the constitution during this third term of office, hoping to have an absolute majority in Parliament and at least 330 seats in order to do this.

He did not get them.

It is important to note that the number of women members of parliament rose from 50 to 77 and that the Kurdish language was used without restriction. Lastly, the issue of membership of the European Union was not included in the debates, although the majority of Turkish citizens still claim to be in favour of joining.

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Best Practice on how to build a corporate website!

How to create content for your web site at a company level:

GE Energy

GEweb -

GE Energy revealed last month its new website dedicated to Energy. Through this new website GE Energy aims to communicate to the outside world, its leadership position in this sector. Content creation at a company level is a crucial issue in the current communication trends but consistent and qualitative content can be hard to achieve. GE Energy gives us some advice and guidelines on how to reach this goal.
This study is a model for best practice and should be a point of reference for all corporate online communication.

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G8, G20 and IMF: How to deal with the current crisis?

G8 & IMF -

Consumer prices are rising worldwide, for practically all products and raw materials. This state of affairs is starting to weigh heavily on households and salaries, as well as on the social and political balance of certain countries, creating pressures that must be addressed immediately.

In the wake of the G8/G20 and IMF meetings, the question being asked now is whether these organisations will manage to restore the financial and monetary stability required to prevent a new financial crisis that the economies of the world do not seem to be able to cope with.

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GE’s new ‘FlexEfficiency’ Combined Cycle Power Plant Technology

Today saw the announcement of a major new technological breakthrough in energy innovation by GE Energy. At a press conference this afternoon in Paris, a new power plant incorporating an unprecedented combination of flexibility and efficiency was unveiled. The first of its kind in the world, the ecomagination-certified FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant becomes the first product in GE’s new FlexEfficiency portfolio.

Until now, power plants have provided either flexibility or high efficiency, never both. This is why the FlexEfficiency plant technology is so revolutionary because both are needed if renewable power is to be cost-effectively integrated into power grids around the world on a large scale. This technology will enable the further deployment of renewables such as wind and solar and deal with the issue of intermittency.

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Interview with Holmes Report’s Arun Sudhaman

Holmes Report

What is biggest challenge you are facing, given the changes in Europe’s political and regulatory environment?

In terms of public affairs, what’s keeping us busy is that the scene has drastically changed since the crisis. In the past we were lobbying more administrative-type government bodies. Now, since the crisis, government and companies need to work together. Where we used to be dealing with administrative bodies, we need to consider the political environment. Those are the guys making the call. They also are the elected officials responsible for delivering. You have to be more politically savvy. Now you need to understand the political environment.

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